oxyCity screenshot


We used to play a very popular game called SimCity that revolved around building and managing your own city.

In order to discover the possibilities of games, we thought it a good idea to develop our own city simulation game.

If you would like to see more, you can play the OxyCity game prototype in your own browser. Make sure to try it on your tablet as well.

Live demo

oxyClock screenshot

Android clock widget

When we bought our Android phones we had a couple of ideas for simple Android widgets. Since we did not yet have experience in developing native android apps, we decided to start simple. An analogue clock with the Oxyva.nl logo seemed a nice and simple idea, but while developing we learned a lot more about Android than we first expected.

GUIproto screenshot

Wireframe tool

We were interested to see if it was possible to create an advanced HTML5 app for the iPad which behaved like a native app.

GUIproto is a software prototyping / wireframing tool that allows you to drag components onto a canvas. Each component has several attributes that can be adjusted. For example the window component has an adjustable title and the progress bar has an adjustable progress value.

We have shown GUIproto to some of our customers and we had to convince them they were looking at a “website” instead of a native app.

Curious? You can play with GUIproto in your own web browser. Make sure to try it on your iPad as well.

Live demo

oxyBat screenshot

Android battery widget

One of the first things we noticed upon purchasing our new Android phones was the battery indicator in the status bar. This tiny icon does not show properly how much battery time you have left. That was reason enough for us to try and develop our own battery widget and make it available for download from the Google Play Store.

Download at Google Play