Social whisky network is a social whisky network for whisky aficionados with information about whisky distilleries, brands and bottling. This website enables you to keep track of your own whisky collection, to write your own reviews, explore new whiskies and get into contact with other whisky enthusiasts.

You may connect your profile to Facebook and Twitter in order to push your updates to these social networks. is also available as a mobile website for smartphones.

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data analysis

Citigate First Financial's Media Intelligence Team is market leader in the Netherlands in the area of premium (social) media monitoring.

We developed the Media Intelligence QTool for Citigate First Financial, an online quantitative media analysis solution that measures sentiment and relevance of news coverage in an effective and quick way.

Citigate First Financial’s analysts are now able to access the QTool for fast data entry while their clients are able to view easily accessible results and are able to compose management reports.

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Student portal

The VU University and the University of Amsterdam are collaborating to develop a new master programme for the specialization of Computer Science. was awarded the assignment to develop a student portal.

Through this portal students may gain access to information on grades, timetables, course information and college material. Teachers may change their course material and enter student grades.

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Wordpress plugin

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is a cultural-historical organization of national interest. It collects, preserves and opens the audiovisual heritage for as many users as possible.

For the project Open Cultuur Data developed an open source WordPress plugin for open data.

This plugin provides an easy way to add datasets to your own WordPress website.

WordPress, PHP and JavaScript

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Forms management

Bazalt is a company that specializes in increasing professionalism of teachers.

The books of Bazalt contain various forms that needed to be digitally accessible. developed FormBuilder to make these available online. Now clients are able to fill out and manage forms online.

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Choosing a study

Every year many students enrol in the study Medicine at the VU University in Amsterdam. A numerous clauses determines the number of students to enrol in Medicine as there is only a limited number of positions available.

The VU University wanted to provide the students who did not get selected to enrol in the study with a study test to help them choose a different study. The student needs to answer approximately 20 questions in order to determine which other study suits him or her best.

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CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Adaptive Design and jQuery

Open Data search engine

An increasing number of organizations in the Netherlands choose to disclose their data. Unfortunately, these websites are not very well-known. olves this problem by listing all the open data sets of the Netherlands on one single website. Adaptive design makes sure that is displayed perfectly on all screens.

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Homeowner association portal

ATP Bouwadvies is a company that assists and advises various homeowner associations concerning the management of the public areas in apartment buildings.

Through the portal, developed by, members of the homeowner associations are able to view meeting minutes, look up phone numbers and read announcements.

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